Miracles and the power of being positive

A few years ago I found myself in a very stressful life situation. One of the deals where you can’t really imagine how serious things can get until you live it. It involved my child who was born very early and had many physical issues that were life threatening. It seemed every other day her father and I were hoping for a miracle. Part way through this ordeal we decided to make our focus totally positive. We no longer used any words or phrases that suggested she wouldn’t survive. While thoughts of what might happen definitely crept into our heads, we pushed them to the back and chose to focus on the positive. I really think that there is so much power in being positive. It doesn’t matter if it is on a large or small scale. The power of being positive will always have a great impact.

As we, the team of Kuamini make plans and look towards the future we are positive and we know that our work will make a difference. We believe that miracles do happen and we believe we are doing great things. We have a long road ahead of us and sometimes we will be tired or frustrated. We’ll always remember how important our mission is though and we will work to stay positive.



One of the major challenges people in Kenya face is Malaria.

Malaria is a mosquito borne infectious disease that is spread by female mosquitos biting unprotected people. Common symptoms of Malaria include fever and headache however in more serious cases people with Malaria experienced slipping into a coma and even death.

The two best ways to prevent Malaria include the use of mosquito nets and insect repellants. Unfortunately these items are not readily available in the areas most affected by Malaria.

Last year over 200 million people got Malaria and over 1 million people died from the disease. Most of those who passed away were children living in Africa. These numbers may actually be higher in reality as many cases were not documented.

The Kuamini team have talked about this serious issue in Kenya and have included this concern in their action plan to bring wellness to the people of Kenya. One of our goals will be to provide mosquito netting to those who need it. This will increase health and well being which will allow people to attend school, go to work and to thrive in general.

I  the future we will look at how to fund the netting, where to get it from and how to distribute it to those in need. Where there is a will there is a way!


About Kuamini and the Team

We are a dynamic group of individuals based out of Southern Ontario and we are working together to form a charity that will aid in the well-being of individuals living in Kenya.

Follow this blog to learn more about our process, the projects we are working on, who we are helping, who we are and how you can be involved.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and of course, your encouragement!

Stay tuned as we add more information to this blog, create our website and expand our social media presence. We have a challenging but beautiful journey ahead of us!