Exciting Milestone Reached!

Kuamini is proud to announce that we have received our official charity registration through the Canadian Revenue Agency! This has been a goal of ours since the idea of Kuamini first was created. This is an exciting milestone in our organization!

Kuamini began in May 2014 with a small group of educators and humanitarians who wished to make a difference in the world. Throughout the past year we have watched as our organization grew. We have grown in the number of our volunteers, our vision and our outreach in the community.

In establishing a new charity, we have had bumps along the way as we organized fundraising events and worked to bring awareness to our organization. But through each experience we have grown as a team and we have worked to meet our goals.

Being registered as an official charity is the first of many goals to be reached. We invite you to join us in our journey and see where Kuamini goes in the future!

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